Detecting foreign matters plays an important role in the production process no matter if your business manufactures food or medicine. At the same time the traceable products are used for a large number of purposes as they cover everything from hygiene tools to office supplies and form part of the production process. This diversity in both industries and applications is also reflected in the contacts in Denmark and abroad which RG Detectline has built up through their work with detectable products. Here you find a number of businesses which RG Detectline teams up with.

Arla Foods HARIBO Nestlé
Axellus Hilton Food Danmark Odense Marcipan
Beauvais Kellogs Manufactoring Rose Poultry
Bell Deutschland Kims Royal Greenland
Continental Bakeries Kraft Foods Schwartauer Werke
Daloon Lantmännen SWEET TEC
Danish Crown LEAF SVERIGE Thise Mejeri
Fallengreen Lübecker-Marzipan-Fabrik Tulip Food Company
Ferrero Deutschland Mette Munk Unilever Deutschland