In the menu to the left you find some of RG Detectline's most popular products divided into four categories. The first category contains office supplies, including ballpoints and calculators while the next one is hygiene products such as mobcaps and ear muffs. The third category consists of products for the production process with everything from conveyor belts to knives. The fourth and last category is X-ray and metal detectable rubber products, including packings and O-rings.

In the product outline under each category you find more information on each individual product, including a number of specifications such as applications, product number and colour

combinations. It is also possible to download a migration test for each product. Apart from the individual qualities, all our products share a common quality, viz. that they are easy to clean and fracture proof.

All in all, RG Detectline's range includes more than a thousand different products and we are always ready to develop new ones. So please contact us if you cannot find the product you need here on this website.