RG Rom Gummi

Rom Gummi which is behind RG Detectline has more than thirty years of experience in developing and producing rubber products. This experience we use in RG Detectline in the production of metal detectable rubber products for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

During the first year the business primarily focused on the fishing industry with rubber products for net and seine fishing. Since then we have also specialised in rubber products for the industry, including O-rings and grippers for the robot industry while one of the latest additions is ship fenders for the offshore industry. This diversity of tasks with the related development work has given us a broad

experience and in-depth knowledge about the production of rubber which makes it possible for us to offer you the right guidance each time.

Rom Gummi both manufactures batch products and special products and we often participate all the way – from idea and development to the finished product. This also applies to the special products irrespective of whether you want one or many copies. Last but not least we believe that flexibility, good service and first class solutions are important when it comes to working with you.

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