About RG Detectline

In 2010 RG Rom Gummi established the department RG Detectline whose range consists of X-ray and metal detectable products for the production of foods and medicine. Products which are to help the individual food business or pharmaceutical company establishing safety as to the purity of their products.

RG Detectline both distributes X-ray and metal detectable products made of different materials manufactured by experienced and certified subsuppliers and metal detectable rubber products manufactured by RG Detectline themselves. We distribute office articles, hygiene products and industrial products such as ballpoints, hair

nets and safety knives. And for instance we manufacture metal detectable rubber products such as conveyor belts, packings and O-rings ourselves.

When using products from RG Detectlines together with either an X-ray or a metal detector you can be sure that your products only contain what they should contain when they reach the consumer. At the same time you may reduce the waste if you are very unlucky as you may separate contaminated goods from clean goods. In this way a whole day's production will not be wasted.

Last but not least our products live up to the requirements as to traceability as prescribed both by the EU and other national directives. One of the requirements is that the manufacturers must use hygiene technical and manufacturing tools and that the foods have been scanned for foreign matters either by means of a metal detector or X-ray before they are delivered to the stores. Requirements which RG Detectline may help the individual business observing.