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New employee at RG Detectline

RG Detectline presents Susan as our new employee.

Please contact Susan, if you would like to receive newsletters from RG Detectline.


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RG Detectline scale down during July

RG Detectline scale down during July, but please make us busy until then.

Summertime is getting closer and to avoid spoiling your summer joy, we would like to inform you that we scale down during summer.

Even though we scale down during July, you are more than welcome to contact us at any time during the summer. We just cannot promise to be able to deliver an answer or a product as fast as usual.

To be able to deliver goods before we scale down, we would kindly ask you to place your orders before Friday the 12th of June. Unfortunately, this is no guarantee regarding bespoke products or products that are not on stock, which could take longer.

We hope this information will make the cooperation as smoothly as possible for you.

Have a great summer!

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Metal Detectable Rubber Bands Designed for Industrial Use

The new detectable rubber bands are made of durable rubber of high quality, suitable for industrial use.

At the moment RG Detectline offers three different sizes, as shown beneath, and there is more to come. If these sizes do not fit your needs, do not hesitate to contact us, as we are able to tailor the rubber bands to suit the particular size you need.

80mm x 6mm x 1mm
70mm x 6mm x 1mm
60mm x 6mm x 1mm

The rubber bands are blue, due to our research in several food companies which pointed out, that blue is the best colour for detectable products. This is because the blue colour is the easiest recognizable between different food types, while almost no natural food ingredients are blue.


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Closed during the holidays

RG Detectline will be closed for the holiday season starting Thuesday the 23rd of December. We re-open again the 5th of January 2015.

To be able to deliver your orders before Christmas, we would kindly ask you to place your orders before Friday the 12th of December. Unfortunately this is no guarantee, while delivering bespoke products or products that are not on stock, could take longer.

We wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.



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Lots of visitors at RG Detectline during FoodTech 2014

RG Detectline was in for three busy days at the FoodTech Exhibition in Herning, Denmark.

There were 8.288 visitors at this year’s FoodTech exhibition, which was a true attraction for professionals from the food and medical industry. RG Detectline along with 283 other exhibitioners made sure that there was plenty of things to explore and check out for the many visitors.

-It was exciting to meet both current and potential customers and hear about their needs. The ones who were already familiar with us did not necessarily know about all of our products, and so they left our exhibition stand with new inspiration. On the other hand, other visitors already had several metal detectors in their production to pick up possible metal shards from production machinery, and was unaware that tools such as pens and hairnets can also be detected, says Eva M. Jaffke, Product Manager at RG Detecline and continues,

-All in all lots of interested exhibition visitors came by our stand, and at times there were more groups, than we could attend to at one time. So I hope that the visitors, whom we did not get a chance to talk to at our stand will contact us directly following the exhibition.

Watch a video about the exhibition here: FoodTech 2014 Highlights

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Detectable Health and Safety Signs

Wouldn’t it be rather ironic to have health and safety signs in the production area which could be a potential contamination risk?

The new health and safety signs from RG Detectline are manufactured from a special metal detectable and x-ray visible plastic. The plastic material makes the signs easy to clean and lightweight as well as they are very durable. Besides being ideal for production area environments, the signs are also suitable for use in freezers and cold stores.

In addition to the white coloured background, which is standard, other background colours are also available subjected to a minimum order. As well as this core range of industry standard health and safety signs, we can also supply custom designs and materials including stainless steel and anodised aluminium.

RG Detectline offers the health and safety signs in three different sizes, more particularly as A3, A4, and A5. As a standard we have ten different designs, please see below.

Wear Hairnets
Wear Face Shields
Wear Safety Boots
Wash Your Hands
Wear High Visibility Jackets
Wear A Mask
Wear Protective Clothing
Wear Ear Protectors
Wear Protective Gloves
Detectable Products Area

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Heavy Duty Pens for rough environments

The new Heavy Duty Pen is resilient, rugged, and at the same time easy to use.

Our new retractable HD Pen has a rugged construction which means that it is resilient and will not break under stress. This long life pen will easily outlive a writing endurance of over 10 kilometres or 6.2 miles of ink, and the refill installation system has been designed to make it easy to replace the cartridge.

The pen is suited for use in wet and greasy work areas based on its matt, slightly textured finish which is none the less easy to clean. The natural grip area has a shaped indentation that has been formed with ridges. This not only reduces the possibility of the pen slipping back through the fingers but it also reduces any tendency for it to rotate, especially when the hands are wet.

Key features
• Metal detectable and X-ray visible
• Sits well in the hand with a natural balance and feel
• Slightly textured finish for easy grip in wet and greasy environments
• Rugged construction
• Stainless steel return spring mechanism to give continuous performance
• 8 housing colours - blue, black, red, green, yellow, white, purple and orange
• 3 housing styles - with pocket clip, without pocket clip or with lanyard attachment
• Can be used as part of HACCP
• Easily refillable

The pen housing is conforming to the standard Regulation EC 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food and repealing Directives 80/590/EEC and 89/109/EEC.

The pen can be easily refilled with our range of ballpoint pen refills made to ISO12757-2; The International Organization for Standardization published standards for ball point and roller ball pens.

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New Detectable Plastic Glove Dispenser

A hygienic solution that gives you an easy access to the gloves as well as problems with broken non-detectable dispensers disappears.

The new Detectable Glove Dispenser leaves you with several options. The dispenser comes in three different styles; one wall-mounted dispenser containing from one to four boxes, one enclosed wall-mounted dispenser, and one dispenser with an integrated hanging hook.

The dispensers are designed to accommodate standard size boxes of 100 disposable gloves, and they are supplied with keyhole points to enable wall fitting. The material is a fully detectable polymer from which pieces can be identified by metal detectors and X-ray systems. Furthermore the whole range of detectable glove dispensers are available in our eight hygiene colours, blue, black, red, green, yellow, white, purple, and orange.

One of the key features is the low weight combined with a toughness that makes the product ideal for all production areas. It is easy to clean with its drainage slots in the base unit enabling you to keep a high level of hygiene.

Wall Mountable Glove Dispenser
The dispenser can accommodate from one to four boxes of disposable gloves and is wall mountable.
DTM 0251, one box: Width 250mm x Depth 70mm x Height 140mm
DTM 0252, two boxes: Width 250mm x Depth 70mm x Height 290mm
DTM 0253, three boxes Width 250mm x Depth 70mm x Height 430mm
DTM 0254, four boxes: Width 250mm x Depth 70mm x Height 580mm

Glove Dispenser with Integrated Hanging Hook
This dispenser is designed with an integrated hanging hook to enable hanging over bars up to 30mm in diameter.
DTM 0255: Width 250mm x Depth 70mm x Height 150mm

Enclosed Wall Mountable Glove Dispenser
The enclosed glove dispenser can accommodate one box.
DTM 0265: Width 250mm x Depth 70mm x Height 140mm


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Offer on Detectable Square Scoops in Several Colours

The Detectable Square Scoops are all produced from a specially formulated material based on high impact food contact approved polypropylene. This material has the ability to be detected and rejected by typical metal detection machines used in the food processing industry.


Key features:
Full dispersion of detectable elements throughout the product
Available in four sizes
Incorporates a slotted hole to enable the user to store hygienically in between use
Tapered edge for better handling performance
No clusters and clumps at corners or edges
Lightweight and easy to handle
Tough and durable
Easy to clean

The offer applies scoops in blue, green, red, white and yellow, and stands as long as stock lasts or until the 15th of May 2014.

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Detectable Marker Pen Holder

The idea for this new pen holder arose from a query from one of RG Detectline’s customers, who needed a detectable pen holder for whiteboards in the production area.

In opposite to a regular pen holder the detectable pen holder is both approved for use in food factories and detectable. Should the worst happen, and the pen holder goes into pieces, you can let your metal detector do the job.

The new marker pen holder is designed to hold up to four marker pens and has space for a whiteboard eraser. RG Detectline’s range of detectable whiteboard pens fits perfectly in the holder. The marker pen holder is manufactured from detectable blue plastic and it is available with or without a 100% stainless steel clipboard clip attached, which is ideal for storing papers and documents.

Height: 175 mm
Width: 230 mm
Hook Size: 55x55x35 mm
Marker Pen Hole Diameter: 20 mm
Whiteboard Eraser Hole: 50x25 mm

DTM 0939: Detectable holder without clipboard clip
DTM 0949: Detectable holder with a stainless steel heavy duty clipboard clip

Holder for Whiteboard Marker Pens

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Spring offer from RG Detectline

New detectable products come and old ones go on sale

RG Detectline

Spring is getting closer, and it is not because we have been idle during the winter, that our storage clean-up is still going on. The storage is simply too small when we continue to present new products as the detectable silicone and stretch wrap.


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New Detectable Silicone Sealant from RG Detectline

Our newly developed detectable silicone sealant is both easy to use and ensures a high performance.

The detectable silicone sealant can be detected by metal and X-ray detection systems in the food industry. The sealant is used in structural fitting and equipment installation and reduces the risk of undetected contamination of food products. The 310 ml tube fits standard applicators and the sealant is available in white or blue. The detectable additive tastes nasty to rodents and deters them from eating the sealant after application.

It can be applied in temperatures from + 5°C to + 50°C, but when cured it will operate in temperatures from - 30°C to + 150°C.

Key features

Detectable by standard metal and X-ray detection systems
Designed for use in temperatures from -30°C to +150°C
Unpalatable to rodents
Designed for use with a standard applicator gun

Suitable applications
Window and door frames
Wall panels
Worktops and laminates
Sinks and other wet installations

Unopened silicone sealant will store for 12 months, and early indicators are that it will have a long service life.

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RG Detectline now offers a detectable stretch wrap for pallet wrapping

The new detectable stretch wrap offers the food industries a less risky means of tertiary packaging for bulk handling in food warehouse storage and shipping.

An overwrap can have several purposes or functions that are of general benefit and of specific food safety benefit. A wrapped pallet is less likely to be attacked by insects, or damaged by water, and is more likely to arrive as clean as when it was dispatched. The wrapped pallet is more likely to be stable, especially when there are a variety of sizes, and there is less likelihood of pilfering as well as any deliberate damage would be easier to identify.

For all these benefits there has been one major drawback that the food industry has been aware of, and that is the risk of discarded wrap accidentally getting into the food processing chain where it is undetectable - or has been until now.

To help reduce the risk of food contamination the detectable stretch wrap is detectable by metal detector systems. The distinctive blue colouring distinguishes the detectable from the non-detectable film, and is an additional visual identification for contamination after use.

The detectable stretch wrap is supplied on a roll and available in two sizes:

Hand Wrap
400 mm (15 3/4") x 200 meters (655 ft) x 30 micron
Core Diameter: Internal 75mm (3"), External 97mm (3 34/4")

Machine Wrap
500 mm (19 1/2") x 800 metres (2625 ft) x 30 micron
Core Diameter: Internal 75mm (3"), External 85mm (3 1/3")

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Merry Christmas from RG Detectline

Christmas is rapidly approaching and we are preparing the holidays. The last day of dispatch is Thursday 19th December. We open again Thursday 2nd January.

We wish you the best of joy, the best of cheer for Christmas and the coming year.


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The stock sale continues

We have been cleaning up our storage to make room for new exciting detectable products. So now we are throwing a surplus stock sale on selected items.

If you need some detectable products or if you are thinking about replacing regular products with detectable ones, this is a good time. Now you have the opportunity to acquire different detectable products at incredibly low prices.


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RG Detectline on LinkedIn

RG Detectline has created a company page at LinkedIn, where we regularly will inform about everything from events to products.

If you are interested in, what we are doing, you are more than welcome to follow our LinkedIn-page. Please click here to go directly to: RG Detectline on LinkedIn


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Stock sale at RG Detectline

We have been cleaning up our storage to make room for new exciting detectable products. So now we throw a surplus stock sale on selected items.

If you need some detectable products or if you are thinking about replacing regular products with detectable ones, this is a good time. Now you have the opportunity to acquire different detectable products at incredibly low prices.


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The colours make the difference

We have expanded the range; now our traceable products come in even eight colours.

If you have a need to keep different raw materials or departments apart, the products from RG Detectline in different colours are a practical and safe solution.

Our experience shows that an increasing number of food and medical companies demand traceable products in different colours to control the content of allergens in end products. In practice, this is secured by connecting a specific raw material to one colour. At the same time this approach makes it simpler to document the production process.